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Instructions Before Irlen Diagnostic Appointment


Irlen spectral tinting is the tinting of eye glasses or contact lenses. In this process you

have a number of options:

  • Option 1: If you are bringing glasses in to Dr, Cibelli for Irlen spectral tinting then please download the 2 pages below (Lens Disclaimer and optical prescription with pupillary distance) and bring them to your eye glass professional and have him or her complete them before you are seen by Dr. Cibelli. The lenses MUST be tintable… CR39 works… polycarbonate doesn’t. You may bring in new lenses and frames and the completed prescription with pupillary distance and the Lens Disclaimer from below and Dr. Cibelli will determine the correct tints and send them to the Irlen Institute for tinting.
  • Option 2: Or you may bring in just frames with plain lenses in them and your written prescription with pupillary distance. The Irlen Institute optometrist will make your lenses based on your optometrist’s prescription and tint them.
  • Option 3: Dr. Cibelli also has frames. Some people prefer to have the Irlen Institute make their glasses completely from their prescriptions.
  • Option 4: If your optometrist has told you in the last 6 months that you do not need a prescription, then Dr. Cibelli and the Irlen Institute can tint plain lenses for you, either with frames that you bring in or frames from Dr. Cibelli.

The price for these services is $595.

There is an additional $120 price for high density lenses (needed for a correction larger than +2.25).

There is an additional $65 price for Jonathan Paul frames and $50 for wrap-around lenses.

The price for readjusting your colors is $100.

Please contact Dr. Cibelli if you have any questions.

You may use the “buy now” Paypal button below to pay the $250 needed to make an appointment in Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii for June 1-10, 2018. This non-refundable deposit will be used as the down payment for your Irlen Diagnostic appointment and Irlen Spectral Filters. Thank you so much!

Before your Irlen Lens Appointment, please download, complete and bring the following forms:

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